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Trial Scheme Banner

The J.G. Windows Instrument Trial Scheme

What is it?

The J.G. Windows Instrument Trial Scheme is an easy and straightforward way to purchase a new musical instrument to learn on, while also offering the reassurance that if things don’t work out, there is always an option to return it.

J.G. Windows have been selling musical instruments for over 100 years and we know that if you want to have the best chance at learning a new instrument you need to have the right tools for the job. It may seem like the best way to start your musical journey is to buy the least expensive model, or perhaps something second hand. That way you haven’t lost much if it doesn’t work out. However, playing an instrument that is of poor quality or in need of repair will only make learning more difficult and less fun, and your chances of success are much reduced!

With our scheme you will be provided with a brand new quality student instrument, sourced from one of our trusted suppliers, that is well built, fully checked and set up ready to play. If anything does go wrong, and that can happen even with professional instruments, you will have the back up and support from our in-store specialists who can resolve any issue for you.


Who is the scheme for?

The scheme is for anyone, young or old, who wishes to learn an instrument. It could be for your child who is just learning their first instrument at school, or it could be for yourself if you’ve always wanted to learn an instrument but never had the time or opportunity to try. Perhaps you already play the guitar but fancy a new challenge and want to learn the sax.


How does it work?

Simply select and pay for the instrument of your choice from our carefully considered range of Trial Scheme Instruments. You will then have a 6 month trial period, to have lessons, learn the basics and see if the instrument is right for you. If you decide to keep it during that time there is nothing more to do, just enjoying playing and developing your new skill.

If you decide that the instrument is not for you and is no longer required, then simply return it to us. Providing the instrument is still in good condition* we will buy the instrument back from you at an agreed buy-back value.


6 months are up and I haven’t made up my mind, what can I do?

If you haven’t decided after six months that’s no problem! There is also a 12 month return option built into the scheme. This option allows you to return the instrument any time after six months but before the end of twelve months, at which point you would receive our 12 month buy-back payment. 


How much do you buy the instruments back for?

Our buy-back option is calculated as a percentage of the selling price and will be shown clearly on your trial scheme paperwork.

Here is an example:

If you purchased a flute on our trial scheme at a cost of £249.99 we would buy that instrument back after 6 months for £155. That would work out as monthly cost of £16.

The 12 month buy back option for the same flute would be £78. This would work out as a monthly cost of £14.33.


Will it cost me more than just buying the instrument?

No. Because you purchase the instrument up front at the current advertised price there are no interest charges and no arrangement fee, you are simply given an option to return the instrument within six months, at which point we buy it back.


Can I return the instrument early?

Yes, the instrument can be returned at any point within the buy-back periods, however the buy-back payment values will remain the same no matter when the instrument is returned.


Can I pay for the instrument in monthly instalments?

It is possible to purchase instruments that are over £200 on our Buy Now Pay Later finance scheme. This would allow you to pay for the instrument in instalments. Should you wish to return a trial scheme instrument then the finance loan does need to have been settled in full before returning the instrument.


What instruments are available?

The range of instruments we have selected for the Instrument Trial Scheme are ones we know to be highly recommended by teachers. We are confident that these instruments will give you the best chance of success.

Click here to see instruments included in the scheme.



*The instrument must be returned in good condition. Reasonable wear and tear is acceptable however any accidental damage to the instrument may result in a lower buy back fee being offered.

JG Windows is one of the oldest and most respected music businesses in the UK, having been founded in 1908.  Our branches in Newcastle upon Tyne city centre and Gateshead Metrocentre carry a massive range of musical instruments and accessories, sheet music, Hifi and recorded music, supported by knowledgeable and friendly staff.